Higher Education Scholarship

The YWAF Higher Education Scholarship is available to women attending Central Texas universities who have completed 60 hours of undergraduate coursework or who are enrolled in graduate school.  Recipients are chosen based on commitment to community service, leadership potential, demonstrated financial need, and academic achievement.  In addition, recipients are required to complete at least 40 hours of service in a Community Impact Project.

Recipients will be chosen in the spring and funds will be dispersed for use during either the fall or spring semester of the upcoming school year, to be selected by the recipient.  Recipients must participate in a Community Impact Project during the semester they receive the scholarship money.  More information about qualifications and selection procedures can be found in the application.

How to Apply

  • Applications for the 2014-2015 season will open in spring 2015.  Preview the 2013-2014 application to get a sense of what the application entails.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will the scholarship money be awarded to a recipient?

    • Scholarship payments will be released in two installments.  The first payment will be sent upon receipt of a letter from your Community Impact Project supervisor indicating that you will be working with them on the project during the upcoming semester.  The second payment will be sent upon receipt of a letter from your Community Impact Project supervisor indicating that you have completed your project.
  • How are the winners determined?

    • A panel of members from YWA will review the applications.  Some individuals will be asked to meet for an interview after that initial review.  Final selections will be made by the end of March.
  • Which universities qualify as part of Central Texas?

    • An applicant must be attending an accredited institution of higher learning in Travis, Caldwell, Hays, Bastrop, or Williamson county.


Community Impact Project

The Community Impact Project was designed to take advantage of the good work scholarship applicants are already doing in the community and to help them be recognized for it.

  • Can I be paid and/or receive school credit for my Community Impact Project?

    • All Community Impact Projects must be done on a volunteer basis.  Paid internships do not qualify, but you may participate in an unpaid internship for which you are receiving school credit.
  • My organization doesn’t have 40 hours on one project.  Can I do more than one project with them?

    • Yes.  As long as your 40 hours are completed within the same organization, you are free to work on more than one project.  Please outline what your goals are within each area you are working on within the organization.
  • Can I only work with a non-profit organization for my Community Impact Project?

    • While non-profit organizations undoubtedly offer the most opportunities for community impact, your work does not have to be with a non-profit organization.  You might work with a for-profit group on a particular project that helps the community, or undertake something on your own without the backing of a non-profit group.

Additional Questions?

Contact the YWAF VP of Giving or the YWAF Higher Education Scholarships Chair at giving@youngwomensalliance.org.